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Personalization Suite for Online Retail

What is Segmentify?

Segmentify is a SaaS service for online retailers that helps them to increase conversion rate by personalizing online shopping experience.

Today e-commerce companies struggle with low conversion and profitability. On average only 2 out of 100 visitors makes a purchase and converted into customer.

In Segmentify, we help online stores reach to remaining 98 and increase their conversion by tracking visitor behavior and personalizing online shopping experience with our own real-time machine learning algorithm.

Getting Started

Segmentify integrates with online stores by following methods:

  • Web Integration: You can connect your web store to Segmentify by using Javascript SDK
  • Mobile App Integration: You can connect your app to Segmentify by using Mobile SDK which have native ports for both iOS and Android
  • Custom Integration: You can integrate Segmentify by your own choice by using Rest API
  • React-Native Integration: You can connect your app tp Segmentify by using React-Native [Coming soon]